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Mula is an app with tools for creating, sharing and managing your online course. With the magic of AI, it tailors the lessons and learning path individually to the type of perception of each enrolled student. Helping you share your knowledge as an enjoyable experience, grow as a teacher, and make the most of your time.


Express yourself like never before.

By magic of AI your raw videos are divided into short parts, adapted to different types of perception, and converted into lessons in the ‘Stories’ format. That means students watch videos in the way they like best.

*Dominant Stories format

*Limitless content structure

*Real-time storyboard


Stories format

Teach a range of subjects in a format that makes learning a more enjoyable experience.

Create your stunning lessons in a dominant 'Stories’ format, easily combine audio, video, images, transcribes, and texts, and enhance your courses with polls and quizzes.

Limitless structure


Build a course with the experience you want for your students.

The possibilities are endless!
Mix and match chapters, lessons, and more.
Design multiple routes for your students based on timing, points earned or test results.

Real-time storyboard

We'll give you the tool to keep everyone on the same page.

Create your course with collaborative real-time storyboard. Manage structure and add content with intuitive drag and drop interface.


Build a better you with the right tool.

You will be able record and analyze performance, and share your new insights with the world.

*Comprehensive statistics


Comprehensive statistics

Get a better understanding of your teaching style.

Your students are not the only ones watching you teach. With Mula, you can watch a clear picture of your account’s performance and what students are struggling with the most. Know when you need to up your game—and when you were on point.


Get your team's expertise on your course.

Create a private space for your team to collaborate on a course you are developing. Everything will be easier for you: from the planning and design, to managing and maintaining the course.






Showcase your team.

Specify the roles of your teammates and show off their skills, making your course more attractive to potential students.


Set permissions to keep your team in line.

Keep your team focused on the work they’re meant to do with permissions for course: settings, structure, content. Set access rights and give all of your teammates the content they need to do their jobs.


Sell your course for up to $999.

We take 30% of each sale. Get reports on your sales activity, manage payouts, and stay in control of your data all in one place. No need for a merchant account or payment gateway, we take care of everything automatically.

*Income sharing

*Charity program


Income sharing

Get more income with customizable payouts.

Keep control of a distributed team earnings. Configure payouts for authors from any country in the world once so you don't have to worry about the split anymore.

Charity program

Raise money for charity while selling more courses.

Do good and sell more with a charity program that lets you choose how much to transfer from each sale to organizations that address environmental issues. Share your journey with your students, giving them a chance to help make a difference too.



Mula for students is a one-stop shop for all courses made by you.

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ML powered video editor; Dominant Stories format, Limitless course structure, Collaborative real-time storyboard, Comprehensive statistics, Roles, Permissions, Income sharing, Charity program.

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Mula is a place where it takes some serious creativity and expertise from our team to reach goals and help you realize yours. This is a place where you can feel confident in your creative abilities and your ability to be the best at what you do.

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