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Educational live-streams hosted by passionate experts.


The Mula live-streaming app is designed to help experts unleash the full potential of educational live talks. Featuring an eye-catching interface, streaming capabilities of utmost quality, engaging interactive question features, digital loyalty cards and flexible paywall options. So you can unleash your expertise, foster meaningful discussions and build a loyal, long-lasting subscriber base.


Interface of the app is handcrafted to ensure comfortable usage over extended timeframes and enhance the perception of the talk materials. It possesses a modern and native feel, even for a younger audience. So you can effectively interact with a wide range of age groups.



Each live-talk in Mula is based on questions that matter to listeners. And the app acts as a magnet, drawing questions in and connecting them to the talk immediately after the speaker shares information about the upcoming session. So it gives you time to prepare for an engaging and meaningful talk.

➮ Questions are asked in real-time and prior to the talk

➮ Visible both publicly and privately

➮ Voting system

➮ Essential admin features such as pinning and blacklisting



The undeniable stability and top-notch security live-stream, purposefully crafted for iPhone users without the need for any specific equipment. Coupled with a stable internet connection, millions of viewers are reachable around the globe in HD quality. So you can leave behind any worries about questions such as "Can you hear me? Can you see me?" and fully focus on the meaningful aspects of your talk.

➮ Playback in HD quality

➮ Less than 10s latency worldwide

➮ Playback is only available on registered devices

➮ Broadcast for up to 2 hours

➮ Always Ad-free



An integrated paywall makes each talk deservedly compensable. Currently, there are three different pricing tiers available, starting from a free option and going up to $7.99. So you have the flexibility to choose the fee for each listener's attendance.

➮ Tier 1 - Free

➮ Tier 2 - $4.99: You earn $2.5, and $0.5 goes to charity.

➮ Tier 3 - $7.99: You earn $4.5, and $0.5 goes to charity.


The Digital Loyalty Cards program is designed specifically to craft a sense of community and lasting emotional loyalty. Featuring a configurator for cards with tools to offer diverse access levels and benefits for talks and questions. So this empowers you to encourage members to return consistently, resulting in an impressive 80% increase in repeat sales.

➮ Subscription or one-time purchase

➮ Exclusive content and discounts on talks

➮ Priority in the question queue and increased limits

➮ Automated reminders for upcoming talks

➮ Mula commission is 5% for each transaction



Ready to schedule
your own talk?

Unleash your expertise in the app, which is focused on helping you build a loyal, long-lasting subscriber base.

➮ Download the app

➮ Schedule your talk

➮ Start your session at a desired time



Together developing the culture of tomorrow.

Mula epitomizes an unassailable dedication to visual fine arts, fearlessly championing a mission that bridges the vast divide for artists ensnared by the ravages of war, the pervasive influence of AI, and the perilous throes of a relentless market that forces them into a race against time.

In this realm where profound self-development and the meticulous refinement of artistic styles are woefully forsaken, we stand as an unwavering pillar of strength, emboldening artists to surge towards resounding triumph, boundless acclaim, and an abundant future beyond imagination.

By donating revenue from our mobile app, we deliver immediate and vital financial support, sponsor exhibitions that illuminate their transcendent brilliance, and cultivate the inestimable worth of their creations within physical and virtual galleries.

Together, we forge a future where art is venerated and culture thrives in all its dazzling and majestic grandeur.

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